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Permanent residents use Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, to replace or renew a green card. By law, permanent residents age 18 and older must have a valid, unexpired green card (or equivalent identification) at all times.

If you are a permanent resident and your 10-year green card is expired or will expire within the next 6 months, you may renew the card by filing Form I-90. Most people submit Form I-90 to renew their green card, but other common reasons to replace a green card include:

  • Your card was lost, stolen or destroyed.
  • Your card was issued but never received.
  • Your name or other biographic information has been legally changed.
  • Your card was mutilated.
  • Your card has incorrect data.
  • You have reached your 14th birthday and are registering as required.

You have the following responsibilities upon completion:

  • The signed form must be mailed directly to USCIS.
  • All the applicable USCIS fees must be paid by you

Disclaimer: Citizen Concierge is an independent firm that supplies self-governed immigration services. We are not associated with USCIS or any government agency and the data provided on this website is for general guidance about common immigration matters only - it should not be taken as legal advice. Additionally, as we are not a law practice of any kind, we cannot offer any form of lawful consultation. If you have questions that require professional legal expertise, please contact an attorney instead.

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