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Citizen Concierge simplifies the process of preparing Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) to assist in obtaining a green card for a family member. Rest assured that everything will be handled accurately, or you will receive a refund.

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Your Essential Guide to Completing Form I-130A for Spousal Visa Applications

Navigating the world of marriage-based green card applications can be challenging, but one essential step is accurately completing Form I-130A. This form is crucial to the success of your application and will set the stage for a smooth process. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Form I-130A, from understanding its purpose to the benefits of using Citizen Concierge for assistance.

Key Takeaways

  • Form I-130A is a supplemental form used to collect biographical information about the foreign spouse in a family sponsorship petition.
  • Providing comprehensive and accurate information on Form I-130A is essential for successful marriage green card application, and must be completed by the spouse of an I-130 applicant.
  • Citizen Concierge provides personalized guidance with cost effectiveness when filing Form I 130a for efficient process with potential success.

Understanding the Purpose of Form I-130A

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Form I-130A is a supplemental form used to collect additional biographical details about the foreign spouse, who is considered an alien relative, in a family sponsorship petition, including the spouse beneficiary’s statement. This form is designed to collect data about the spouse’s parents and their residential and employment history spanning the previous five years. This information supports the spouse’s application for becoming a lawful permanent resident.

Importance of Accurate Information

The precision of the details shared on Form I-130A carries significant weight. Submission of false or incorrect information could lead to inadmissibility on fraud grounds.

Accurate completion of Form I-130A is only the first step in securing a spousal visa. To evade potential legal ramifications and secure a successful marriage green card application, providing comprehensive and correct details on the form is imperative.

Who Needs to Complete Form I-130A?

Form I-130A is specifically applicable to the spouse of an I-130 applicant who is seeking a marriage-based green card. It is not required for other family sponsorship forms. An accurate completion of the form allows applicants to prevent potential delays and unnecessary legal fees tied to error rectifications.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Completing Form I-130A

For a successful and seamless application process, adhering to the comprehensive instructions for completing Form I-130A is necessary. The upcoming subsections will guide you through each part of the form, emphasizing the required personal details, employment background, and parental information.

Personal Information and Biographical Details

The immigrating spouse must provide the following personal details on Form I-130A, even if living at the same address:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Alien registration number (A-Number)
  • USCIS online account number (if applicable)

While inputting personal information, it is necessary to maintain accuracy and completeness. Additionally, it is recommended to use black ink for clear writing or typing.

Employment History and Parental Information

Form I-130A requires information about the spouse’s employment history for the past five years, including the employer’s name, address, and position or title. In addition, the form asks for the full name, date of birth, country of birth, and current address of the spouse’s parents.

These details will aid U.S. immigration authorities in assessing the eligibility and validity of the spousal visa application for lawful permanent residents.

Statements, Certifications, and Signatures

The spouse beneficiary is responsible for signing and certifying the information provided in Form I-130A, which includes the spouse beneficiary’s statement. If an interpreter or a person preparing the form was involved in completing it, they must also sign and certify their participation, including providing the interpreter’s contact information.

Validating and authenticating the submitted information in the form is necessary to maintain its accuracy and reliability for immigration authorities to process the spousal visa application.

Necessary Supporting Documents for Form I-130A

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Alongside Form I-130A, applicants are required to submit corroborative documents to verify the spousal relationship, like marriage certificates and affidavits. These documents are necessary to confirm the legitimacy and authenticity of the marriage, ensuring it isn’t just for immigration purposes.

Be sure to follow the appropriate format for affidavits, which should be written as a sworn statement made under oath or affirmation before a notary public or other authorized officer.

Form I-130A Fees and Processing Time

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While there is no additional fee for Form I-130A, applicants must pay $535 for the associated Form I-130 and may also need to pay legal fees. Processing times for Form I-130A can vary, with general estimates ranging from 7 to 13 months.

Bear in mind that actual processing times can vary, hence staying updated on your application’s status and any updates from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the organization responsible for the legal entry, residence, and stay of immigrants in the US, is necessary.

The Consequences of Incomplete or Incorrect Form I-130A Submission

Submission of an incomplete or incorrect Form I-130A can result in severe consequences like delays, requests for additional evidence, and possible rejection of the application. To circumvent these problems, accurate completion and submission of the form with all required supporting documents is necessary.

In the event that Form I-130A is not filed concurrently with Form I-130, USCIS will issue a Request for Evidence (RFE), and the applicant must submit Form I-130A by the deadline provided in the notice.

The Benefits of Using Citizen Concierge for Form I-130A Assistance

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Citizen Concierge offers the following benefits for spousal visa applicants:

  • Streamlines the I-130A process
  • Furnishes experienced help
  • Ensures petition approval
  • Saves applicants time and money
  • Provides professional web-based assistance for completing Form I-130A
  • Makes the process more accessible and less stressful
  • Allows applicants to concentrate on key aspects of their application without becoming overwhelmed by immigration paperwork.

Additionally, Citizen Concierge offers the following benefits:

  • A refund if the petition is not approved by the USCIS
  • A knowledgeable team with extensive experience in this field, providing you with the best possible guidance throughout the process
  • Support to confidently navigate the I-130A process and increase your chances of a successful marriage-based green card application.

Why Citizen Concierge to File Form I-130a?

Opting for Citizen Concierge for Form I-130A assistance offers several benefits:

  • Amplifies the probability of a successful application
  • Provides personalized guidance
  • Offers cost-effectiveness compared to engaging an immigration lawyer

On average, clients save $850 by opting for Citizen Concierge, as their services are offered at a rate of $139.

Obtaining assistance from Citizen Concierge is as simple as:

  1. Visiting their website
  2. Providing the relevant information and documents
  3. Collaborating with their filing specialists to finish the form
  4. Submitting it to USCIS for processing

With assistance from Citizen Concierge, a smooth and efficient I-130A filing process can be ensured, allowing you to concentrate on shaping your life together with your spouse.


In conclusion, accurately completing Form I-130A is a crucial step in the marriage-based green card application process. With the guidance provided in this comprehensive guide and the support of Citizen Concierge, you can confidently navigate the I-130A process, ensuring a successful spousal visa application. By taking the time to understand the purpose and requirements of Form I-130A, you are investing in a brighter future for you and your spouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Form I-130A?2023-11-29T11:16:37+00:00

Form I-130A is a document used by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to collect background information, such as address and employment history for the last five years, last physical address outside the United States, and parental information, on the beneficiary of Form I-130, Petition for an Alien Relative.

What is the difference between 130 and 130A?2023-11-29T11:17:24+00:00

The I-130 is the Petition for an Alien Relative, while the I-130A is the Supplemental Information for a Spouse Beneficiary. The I-130 and I-130A forms are used to petition for one’s spouse to immigrate to the United States as an immediate relative.

How long does it take for an I-130A to be approved?2023-11-29T11:17:57+00:00

It usually takes between 12 to 40 months for an I-130A to be approved, depending on whether the applicant is an immediate relative living abroad or in the U.S.

Who needs to complete Form I-130A?2023-11-29T11:18:28+00:00

Form I-130A is required to be completed by the spouse of an I-130 applicant who is applying for a marriage-based green card.

What are the potential consequences of submitting an incomplete or incorrect Form I-130A?2023-11-29T11:23:51+00:00

Submitting an incomplete or incorrect Form I-130A can result in delays, requests for additional evidence, and potential denial of the application.

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