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If you are a foreign national that is living in the United States, it is extremely important that you file an AR-11 form with the USCIS anytime you change residences, even if that residence is temporary. This form allows the agency to keep track of your current address and contact information, which is critical for communicating any issues with your immigration application and ensures that you will continue to receive benefits.

By filing an AR-11 form, you also ensure that you stay updated on any site visits or other communications from immigration officials, allowing you to maintain compliance with all legal requirements for living and working in the US.

You have the following responsibilities upon completion:

  • The signed form must be mailed directly to USCIS.

Disclaimer: Citizen Concierge is an independent firm that supplies self-governed immigration services. We are not associated with USCIS or any government agency and the data provided on this website is for general guidance about common immigration matters only - it should not be taken as legal advice. Additionally, as we are not a law practice of any kind, we cannot offer any form of lawful consultation. If you have questions that require professional legal expertise, please contact an attorney instead.

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