Which occupations qualify for a national interest waiver?

There isn't a set list of occupations that are eligible for national interest waivers. However, it must be noted that recipients are mostly professionals in the fields of business, the arts, sciences, and technology. The submitted work experience or research must be highly meritorious and crucial to the nation. To put it simply, NIW applicants [...]

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How long does it compile an EB-2 NIW application?

It's important to remember that these applications take time, so you should not expect to get it done overnight. In fact, your application may take several weeks or even months to put together. You may require a longer time frame if you are trying to prove that you have an exceptional ability, as this requires [...]

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Is it okay to reuse letters of recommendation from other visa applications?

In general, it's not a good idea to reuse letters. Professional letters differ from recommendation letters in that they frequently use more precise language than the former. Additionally, you'll need letters of recommendation from specialists who may not be your coworkers or past employers. Therefore, even if you already have letters of support from experts [...]

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What is a PERM labor certification?

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) issues Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) certifications. This means that before employing a foreign citizen, a company that wants to sponsor their visa is not lawfully compelled to search the job market for and prioritize recruiting suitable US workers.

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What happens if my petition is rejected?

If your application for an EB-2 NIW visa is rejected, you can always file another petition. The good news is that having a previously rejected visa petition does not bar you from trying again. However, to ensure your success the second time around, you may need to include more proof and evidence that your proposed [...]

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