Use Citizen Concierge To Prepare These Packages

Package for FOIA RequestFile Form G-639 to request copies of records in your USCIS immigration file under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Package for Green Card Renewal/ReplacementFile Form I-90 to submit an application for replacing your permanent resident card if your Green Card is expired or soon-to-expire.
Package for K-1 Visa PetitionFile Petition for Alien Fiancé (Form I-129F) to obtain K-1 non-immigrant visa for the foreign fiancé of a US Citizen.
Package for Immigrant Visa PetitionFile Petition for Alien Relative (Form I-130) to get a green card for eligible foreign relatives who wish to come to or remain in the US permanently.
Package for Travel Document ApplicationFile Form I-131 (Application for Travel documents) for obtaining a reentry permit, refugee travel document, TPS travel authorization document, or advance parole travel document.
Package for Carrier DocumentationFile I-131A to obtain temporary travel documentation for returning to the U.S. if your green card or re-entry permit is lost, stolen, or destroyed abroad.
Package for Non-immigrant SupportFile Declaration of Financial Support for K-1Fiance or travel visa applicants (Form I-134) for the period of their stay in the United States.
Package for Adjustment of StatusFile Form l-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status) to prove eligibility for obtaining the green card or permanent resident status after submitting Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative).
Removal of Conditions PetitionFile Form l-751 ( Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence) to receive the permanent Green Card before the expiry of the Conditional Green Card obtained through marriage.
Employment Authorization PackageUse Form l-765 (Application for Employment Authorization) to furnish information to prove eligibility for a work permit (Employment Authorization Document). This form is also applicable for renewing/replacing the EAD.
Package for DACA ApplicationApply for DACA status by USCIS by filing Form I-821D (Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). You can also use this form to renew a DACA recipient’s existing status. Includes l-821D, I-765, and I-765WS forms.
Package for Immigrant Affidavit of SupportFile Form l-864 (Affidavit of Support) can be used by U.S. citizens to sponsor family-based (and some employment-based) immigrants.
Sponsor and Household Member ContractsUse Form l-864A to make your income or assets available for supporting a sponsored immigrant. Applicable only to the household members of the person filing Form l-864.
Naturalization Application PackageForm N-400 (Application for Naturalization) can be used by Green Card holders to apply for U.S. citizenship after meeting certain eligibility requirements.
Package for Citizenship Document ReplacementFile Form N-565 (Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document) to apply for a replacement Naturalization Certificate, Repatriation Certificate, or a special certificate of naturalization as a U.S. citizen.
Certificate of Citizenship PackageFile an Application for a Certificate of Citizenship (Form N-600) to request the Certificate of Citizen if you were born outside the U.S. and your parents are citizens of The United States.
Aliens Change of Address CardFile Form AR-11 to notify the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) about changes in living address.
E-Notification Package for Application/Petition AcceptanceFile Form G-1145 to request an electronic notification from USCIS on acceptance of your petition or form.
Supplemental Information for Spouse BeneficiaryFurnish Form I-130A to file Supplemental Information for Spouse document to furnish additional background information with Form l-130 for a marriage-based green card.